Yesterday, after Whinnie’s too-short nap, we took off for a walk past the lake and into the trails.

Gosh it is beautiful back there. The walk past the lake is hot if it’s a sunny day, because of lack of shade. But once we get past the lake it’s all arboreal-heaven.

Besides that our day was filled with cleaning and playing. Theo went around the whole house cleaning all the glass doors and windows. There’s something to this ‘imitation’ idea with young ones. 😀

Whinnie had fun sorting and pouring and playing with these simple glass stones.

may20 004

may20 002

I have glass jars from IKEA that holds several of these tactile items that Whinnie loves. The others hold buttons, threading beads with thread and shells that we collected last year at the Chesapeake Bay.

I have to remember to get these out during times when I want to work with the boys. They are quite engaging for her.

may20 024

may20 032

may20 037

may20 063

may20 069

may20 073

may20 077

may20 079

Are all children drawn to water…or is it just my attachlings?

Seriously, these children LOVE to be near, around, in the water.

Next time I’ll just pack snacks/drinks and my knitting and find a place next to this little brook to sit. Maybe if I’m knitting and semi-watchful they can have more fun and I can have less worry about their safety. Seriously…it’s 5 inches deep…I need to stop worrying about accidental drownings in the 7 seconds it would take me to get to them. Shesh!

Off for another day. Today we are scheduled to receive a shipment of bulk grains and such. If it comes early, we might just head off to visit that cool, mountain stream again.