Today is a beautiful, sunny Friday. So we took Papa Chris to the train station this morning and have the van.

The homeschooling group I’ve been a part of via yahoo group meets for playtime on Fridays at a nearby park…so off we went.

The attachlings had such fun. Nic finally got to play with other homeschooling children his own age. Even in our Indiana homeschooling groups, that was hard to come by. Theo sometimes played with others, regardless of age or gender, and sometimes played alone. He’s still in that netherworld where he can happily play alone or socially. Whinnie played in the sandpit almost the whole time.

I met several new homeschooling parents…two of them dads. And two of the families, I discovered, live very close to us here.

So we’re home for a while, during the hot of the afternoon. I made the attachlings a snack and reminded all of them to drink water to make up for the hot playtime. And I made a batch of peanut-crispy bars. Oh, yum!

What I really want to be doing, though, is knitting. I ordered a set of circular needles for myself this week. I’ve been absolutely drooling over these for months, but felt it was an unnecessary indulgence. But I have a MIL present to create and I really wanted to use a specific yarn. And since I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks, it seemed the perfect time to get myself a present as well.

I guess that’s part of being more mature. Even though I want to let the children run amok and ignore their needs, the housework and the cooking, I shan’t. I will keep everything going and everyone well-cared-for.

There’s a three-day-weekend afterall. And with Papa Chris around, maybe I can get some knitting in afterall. πŸ˜€

I also received two of the books I ordered in preparation for this coming homeschooling year.

If you aren’t already familiar with the site, I highly recommend A Little GardenFlower for those who might be Waldorf-inclined.Β 

I ordered her ebooks for 4th and Kindergarten and have really enjoyed getting familiar with them. It’s awesome that Melisa offers these products for such a budget-friendly cost.

We’ll start our new schoolyear in September, following the Waldorf schedule and integrating lots of Festival merriment and preparation. So I have several months to gather the resources we’ll need.

Off to read, knit and just be mama. πŸ˜€