Recently a friend said to me, ‘I’m getting a waldorf-vibe from your blog lately.’ Teehee. That made me giggle. Waldorf-vibe? Nah, I’ve gone all Waldorf-goofy. 😀

Seriously, though. I’ve been casually looking towards a waldorf educational practice for about 3 years now. But always something led me a different direction.

As I’ve done lots of reading and digging in the last month, I realize now that I wasn’t ready for this before. I now see how deeply personal and spiritual this path can be.

Now, however, I am ready and have been doing my ‘inner work’ and preparations. I’m not done, of course, as this may well be one of those lifelong quests. But I am ready to embrace and plan for our coming year.

I come from a perspective of being thoroughly turned off by organized religion (which seems rather like an oxymoronic phrase to me most of the time 😉 My scars are still obvious. 

But I am pulled to understanding how I can give my children a life of meaning and spiritual depth without embracing any specific religion.

Here then, at the intersection of these spiritual and educational paths I find The Festivals. The seasonal festivals celebrated within Waldorf Schools. These are an interesting mix of saints holidays and others with pagan origins.

This book came in the mail yesterday:


It is a large volume, and one recommended by Melisa Nielson, author of the books I’ve purchased for 4th and K grades for the boys.

This is quite the book! Within it are great explanations of each of the festivals, along with games, songs and recipes. Recipes…yum!

So we’ll start our year with Summer Solstice and go from there. As both of the boys are academically speaking beyond where they need to be, we’ll spend a good while just settling ourselves into these new rhythms, learning about/preparing for the festivals, developing stronger connections to family and earth, just remembering to bless the day and the people that we get to share it with…

Off soon to the farmers’ market, then home to work and knitting.

humbly yours,