And much was accomplished.

Saturday and Monday Chris worked in the backyard to complete the project I elluded to last weekend. (photos to follow)

Saturday I went to the farmers’ market and brought home so many goodies that fed us through the weekend…with a few items left for this week. (photos to follow as well)

Sunday found us driving into Bethesda to pick up items from Chris’ office…items too large to bring home with him on the train. And although this was a long trek, we made if fun by stopping at the attachlings’ favorite park there.

Monday home all day. Working on cleaning and projects and having truly good food. And a visit to the farm, for more fun and truly good food.

Here’s a photo montage for you:

may19 002

may25 021

may25 025

may25 029

may25 030

may25 039

may25 055


may25 011

may25 013