Actually the rain started around dusk on Monday…and then continued through much of Tuesday.

That made it the first day in many when we stayed inside the whole time.

The boys helped make a batch of cinnamon rolls. They were/are yummy. 😀

I organized the pantry (no, it wasn’t organize the pantry day per the spreadsheet…but it had to be done to accommodate the bulk order of grains and such received last week.) A well-stocked pantry is a beautiful thing. I know some women love their shoes…for me, it’s a pantry. 😀

We didn’t *do* much but the day felt overly-full. I think it’s because of the very, very full long weekend we had. All of us (myself and the attachlings) seemed to move in slower-motion, as if we hadn’t quite caught our breath from the busy times.

Today the rains seem to have passed. Maybe we’ll go out puddle-stomping sometime.

Besides that there’s knitting and reading and creating and cooking and cuddling all to be done. Lucky me. 😀