We start our day (after breakfast) with a bit of reading from The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly.


The boys sit on either side of me on the couch and we look at the drawings together and read another small chapter. The adventures are gentle and lovely and imaginative.

After yesterday’s reading the boys wanted to draw pictures of Tiptoes and the other characters.

may27 002

Later, after breakfast cleanup and some wiggle time, I brought the boys back to the living room for more reading. This time we read two of the picture books based on the Chronicles of Narnia. Nic and I read the entire collection last year, but Theo wasn’t interested at that time. But these picture books, with their fabulous illustrations, appeal to him.

Next, we turned to our day’s focus: sewing.

For months I’ve wanted to start the boys on this project, but couldn’t find muslin in any of the stores. Last week, though, it occurred to me that I didn’t need it. I had loads of scrap fleece in my sewing boxes. Duh!

I’ve been a cross-stitcher for decades. Over that time I’ve collected hundreds of different colors of embroidery floss. Yes, I said hundreds…like 400-500.

So with their fleece in a hoop and their chosen floss, they were ready to do some freehand embroidery.

may27 011

may27 014

This was a well-received project. They were eager, they listened, they created. In months to come, and at their request, I’ll teach them specific stitch techniques. For now, though, the fun of creating something so immediate and tactile was just perfect. And their finished pieces certainly reflect each of them perfectly:

may27 018

may27 017

BTW, that face that Theo is making above? He said he was trying to be a bunny rabbit. Why? No one knows, not even Theo. ;D

During the afternoon the boys played together on the computer, and played outside when the day warmed up. Whinnie napped, read books with me, played on the deck and played outside. It was a full day.

Me? I knitted when I could, and stitched my own pattern on the fleece, with Whinnie’s *help* and cooked and cleaned.

Last night’s dinner was frittata and made-from-scratch vanilla scones. That was my first time ever trying to make scones and they turned out great. The recipe I found was much like making drop biscuits, but with more sugar and butter. I made a double batch for this morning’s breakfast as well. And they were very well received.

So it was a successful day of creativity and reading and imagination. The rhythms are informing our days and sustaining us well. Today is knitting day for the boys. Theo is eager to do well at finger knitting. Nic wants to knit with needles but hasn’t found a store of patience within himself to stick with it yet.

Last photo here is of my fleece work yesterday. It’s a work in progress…I’ll add more to it next week during our sewing time. Eventually I imagine this will be put in Whinnie’s room…she loves balloons.

may27 020

creatively yours,