may28 004

You’ve been *away* for almost a year…packed amongst fabrics and mementos of a life in Indiana.

Do you like your new home? Yes, I know, there’s no worktable for you yet…but there will be, eventually. For now, I’ll just give you this perch high up…where Theo fingers won’t violate your crevices.

Don’t worry, there’s still much you can do. There are curtains to be made…and costumes of all sorts to be created. But until I find the right sort fo worktable on craigslist…I’ll just have to move you to the kitchen table when we’re ready to create together.

may28 006

See, we brought along friends…the ones you shared that packing box with for nearly a year. Oh there are wee prairie bonnets to make for Whinnie, and who knows what else from this pile. Don’t worry, we have plenty…this photo was taken before the other box was even opened. This table is now stacked three-times as high with various fabrics.

Yes, I know you’ve heard the rumors…I have taken up knitting lately. But I have not forsaken you. Knitting was my creativity outlet when I needed something compact and portable.

And let’s be frank, you and knitting will have to learn to co-exist. You now live in the ‘craft room’ not the ‘sewing room’ and that means sharing the space with knitting. Don’t worry, I’ll have a chat with the fabrics about being nicer to the yarns…

So, dear friend, I am delighted to have released you from your temporary exile. In the next few days I will get out the machine oil and make sure you are well lubricated. Then it will be time to make curtains and, with your irreplaceable help, make this house into a home.