Busy day!

Today I needed to go through the process of getting a West Virginia drivers’ license and getting our van titled as well. Several people warned me that this would be a grueling process, one filled with much hassle and wasted time.

I went prepared. I had all my documentation. I had plenty of time, as Papa Chris was off and taking care of the attachlings. And I had my knitting.

So what is my wee complaint?

The people I dealt with at each office were so goshdarn efficient and helpful that I got only one…ONE! row of knitting done.

Seriously, everyone I dealt with was wonderful. As representative of all my dealings here in this beautiful state, people were friendly, helpful and welcoming.

I now have a new drivers’ license.
I am just *slightly* unnerved that it will expire on my 50th birthday. 50th! Wow. I just can’t comprehend that I will ever be that old… ;D

The van is not yet re-titled…but that is because of the lien holder not getting something to the DMV.

We ran several other errands after lunch. This included swinging by the tiny library. Does anyone remember my frustration about children’s section librarians that didn’t seem to like, um, children? That was in Maryland. Here is so different.

The librarians at our *local* library are wonderful. They are friendly and helpful and so inviting of children…even with their noise and enthusiasm.

Yeah, we’re home.

But I still wish I had gotten more knitting done.