Normally blog posts just come to me. Sometime during the day…or most frequently as I am falling to sleep at night, I just know what I want to blog about the next morning.

This morning I found that I hadn’t had any thoughts, no inspirations whatsoever. Weird.

Instead I set out to catch up on all the blog posts in my google reader. There were, gulp, 53 of them. Man, I take a day away from the computer for, well, life stuff, and everyone blogs their little fingers off. πŸ˜€

Now the sane reader might say to me, “why in the world do you have that many blogs that you follow?” orΒ  “maybe you should just ignore the posts,?” or maybe even, “dude! trim down the number of blogs you’re following…!”

I’ll take these questions, posted by an imaginary…yet kinda pushy…reader in order.

1a) I follow so many blogs because I have lots of interests and there are just loads of good blogs out there. Yes, I know, there are loads of awful blogs as well….but I don’t follow all the blogs…just the ones I like.

1b) Usually everyone doesn’t blog on the same days. Most mornings I have about 12 blog posts to read through to stay ‘up’ on the ones I most like. I am absolutely clueless on why everyone decided to blog at the same time. Wait, maybe it was a June 1st thing…the first of the month does get people’s attention, you know. πŸ˜€

2) As if! I mean, really. I chose to add these blogs to my reader because I liked them, because I wanted to stay up-to-date. There might be something really important in any individual post. What if someone announced a pregnancy or a major life crisis or, {{{gasp}}} something about which I could have a helpful, nar I say insightful, opinion? How could I walk away not knowing if I could have helped?

3) Yeah, this one is right. And I do trim. Frequently. I find sometimes that blogs I once enjoyed I don’t so much anymore. If I do find myself not enjoying a blog over several days time, I take it out of the reader queue. This isn’t so much because I disagree with what they are saying. I have several blogs I follow where I disagree with certain things, but still find the reading worthwhile. This isn’t a judgement over content as much as a consideration of how much time I have to give to my blog reading. I have a rule that I will only be on the laptop until the children are up in the morning and need me.

So, I will be trimming some blogs out soon.

But the ones that I will keep, as long as they keep blogging, belong to:
– IRL friends
– mama friends that I’ve known online so long they feel like IRL friends
– places to get my *fix* of reading about: homeschooling, waldorf, knitting, natural birthing, creativity
– things that always, always, always make me smile (and if you are Hathor the Cow Goddess and can make me smile and think that the same time…you are totally staying.)

peace dear readers,