Whenever anything throws off our rhythms, it takes a good weekday to get them back right.

Papa Chris took Monday off for my already-blogged-about errands. So Tuesday was the day to feel out-of-balance and start re-grooving.

We’re continuing to read Tiptoes Lightly. The boys look forward to it with eagerness. They love looking at the simple line drawings of the characters. They giggle at the idea of a crow with it’s head stuck in a pumpkin.

We’re also reading Peter Pan together. I bring this out when I am finished eating, but they are not. It helps them focus on their meal…and it keeps me with them at the table…instead of getting up and cleaning the kitchen. Mealtimes are important to me. We need to stay together as a family and interact. And when I read Peter Pan to them, we are together, interacting, enjoying the moment.

As time, and children, allow, I have been working on plotting out our homeschooling year, via Waldorf materials. And I’ve been knitting a birthday present for my MIL, who’s due to arrive for a visit this weekend. And I’ve been trying to keep the house orderly. And I’m dreaming of having time to work with the sewing machine on some projects I’ve been working on in my head.

But these dear little attachlings keep me so busy and engaged all day long. I am blessed by all of it. Not terribly efficient, mind you, but blessed.

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