Today is the 15th anniversary of our wedding day.

I am so fortunate. I’ve had the privilege of being married to my best friend for the past 15 years.

We met in, was it 1991? while working together in a department store. Back then he and I were each in relationships with other people and were just co-workers. Plus, he was a very young guy still in college.

Later, after both of us had left that job, we started pal-ing around. Our ‘significant others’ were in other areas on the planet and we were each sort of outsiders in town…both having been from other places.

This thing came upon us slowly and quite stealthfully. Neither one of us really realized what was growing until it was already full-grown.

We had our first date after we had talked much about what we were each feeling…and after we were no longer attached to other relationships. A few months later, completely by surprise, Chris proposed. If you’ve never heard the story of his proposal, and my response, ask me sometime. It’s pretty humorous.

That was October, 1993. We were then married the following June…on this day, in 1994.

We’ve been through much together. We’ve moved so many times. Lived in Indiana, then Tennessee, then Indiana again, then Maryland and now West Virginia. We’ve shared four pregnancies, one loss and three beautiful births. We’ve had economic ups and downs.

While we don’t always see things exactly the same way, we have found a way to remain best friends. We don’t fight, although we do disagree. We try to maintain a connection, even whilst managing three childrens’ needs.

Fifteen years? Easy-peasy. I’m ready for the next fifteen. πŸ˜€