Today we anticipate the arrival of Chris’ mother for a week-long visit. Chris has taken the whole of next week off so that we might have some vacation time with her.

This is big for us. We have had rare chances in the last year of hurry around, scurry around, get acclimated and then get moved…to slow down and be together more.

Although I shall still blog some during this vacation, I suppose, I may not be able to blog daily. Please know that I will be back, mostly likely with photos, whenever I can.

This morning I head out for the farmers’ market. I had to miss this last Saturday, as Chris had to work and be out the door early. So today I intend to go load us up on wonderful, healthy and LOCAL produce. After that a stop a the post office and then we are off to the airport.

This is the first time in our 11 months since leaving Indiana that we are playing host to an out-of-town guest. I begged people (I’m not kidding) to not come and visit whilst we were still in the apartment. That space was so tiny and so nonfunctional that I just felt I’d lose my mind if anyone else shared it with us.

But now we have a larger space, and our spirits have settled into a good rhythm in it.

Send us good wishes for the visit. We will be busy. Chris and the boys have made a list of places they wish to show grandma:

– North Beach (on the Chesapeake Bay)
– National Zoo
– Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
– Smithsonian Natural History Musesum
– the lake and brook here in our subdivision
– the lego store

Addtionally, grandma wishes to see some of the monuments in DC. Whew! That’s quite a list for one week. We’ll do our best to send her home with good memories and lots of photos.