The weather was wonderful yesterday. So we took grandma to see the sights in DC…via metro and walking.

This is the way to do DC, btw. Driving there is crazy. There’s no place to park…and if you did find something you’d either pay a fortune to park there, or you’d park so far away you might as well have left the vehicle in Maryland and ridden the Metro.

We went to the Washington Monument first. Note to anyone coming to visit DC. They start giving away tickets for going up in the monument at 8:30 in the morning. First come, first served. If you go there later, like we did, no dice. So go to the monument just as early as you can, get your timed tickets, and then go off and explore. 😀 Just those helpful hints I like to share.

Then we headed to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We went to this one last year, but their ocean exhibit was under construction. It opened in November, but this was our first time back. It is really fantastic. The boys also enjoyed the ant exhibit…especially watching a colony of leaf-cutter ants do their stuff.

After that we walked the length of the National Mall so that grandma could see the capitol building. After many photos were taken, it was a walk (and very, very tired children) to Union Station. And then Metro’ing back to our van and, ultimately, home.

Here are some photos for you. Oh, and today? Not sure…it depends on the weather and the stamina of the adults of the tribe. 😀

juneDC 019

juneDC 033

juneDC 044

juneDC 059

juneDC 067

juneDC 075