It has been such a full week. Rhythms are mostly nonexistent what with a visitor and Papa Chris being on vacation too.

But there are still the rhythms of waking and going to bed at night. Those have remained mostly unchanged. And then there’s the rhythm of making sure that there are quiet times and activity times in alternating spaces. I think of it like breathing…one cannot only inhale or only exhale…they must exist together.

And there is the rhythm of cooking and and then cleaning. This rhythm must be respected or there will be no space to cook the next time along.

It was Baking day here. And goodness did I bake. 😀

In the morning I worked on a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. These I let rise for longer than I have before, and they turned out great because of it.

In the aftertoon I set the bread maker to work up a batch of dough for homemade pizza. Yum. We had such a fabulous dinner because of that dough.

This morning we get to enjoy these cinnamon rolls without effort, and later in the day, when we get back from the airport, we’ll be treated with leftover pizza.

So there are still rhythms, hidden amidst the activity.

And we are well.