Yesterday’s post was full, and long. πŸ˜‰

Today I can try to knit up some of those loose ends.

I am feeling much better. By about lunchtime yesterday I started to feel less flu-ey and more like someone on the mend.

Chris was able to get the van’s brakes repaired without problem. And we are grateful to the little service station that took such good care of us. And whilst we were there, they were able to take care of our vehicle inspection as well. So now we are fully planted here in this beautiful state.

Once Chris was back, I took Whinnie and headed out for a grocery-run…which was to have happened Saturday afternoon…but didn’t because of the brake problem.

Whinnie’s language has really exploded lately and no where is that clearer than at the grocery store where she can ask for things and express excitement about all that she sees now.

It was a work-from-home day for Chris. In order to get any work done, he set the boys up in the basement with their tempura paints. Much fun was had. Maybe I feel good enough this morning to venture down and see if they made a mess or not. πŸ˜‰

I got my kitchen cleaned up (oy! what one day of mama being sick can do to that room) and several loads of laundry dried on the line and grocery shopping and cooking meals and we even had time to play several hands of ‘old maid’ before bed. Good day.

Today Chris ventures back into the city for work.
Today we work to slip back into our rhythms.
Today we count our blessings and pray for our dear friends and family, wherever they may be.