During my few quiet moments yesterday (and they were few…what with the amount of ‘catching up’ housework and the wild, wiggly, not-yet-in-their-rhythms-again children…) I did more reading in Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker.

As I read, I jotted down a few notes that represent my path to the logic involved. This quote, in particular, gives me much to think about:

Everything that makes life seem meaningful to me I owe to the thoughts that have become available to me. I owe to them not only the courage but also the insight and the strength that let me hope to make my children into people who are not only industrious and fit for outward life in the usual sense but who will carry inner peace and satisfaction in their souls.
(STOTH, pg6)

Now THAT is a great thing to say about the parenting path and the homeschooling parent path in particular!

Another concept is in ‘the purpose of the homemaker’s work’ — ‘she stands within the situations from out of which a new society will develop.’ (p9)

And then there’s the principle that pulls together the introductory chapter:

Humanity must learn to place in its center a principle of order that connects everything.

Much to think about. Much to ponder. Much to wonder about the connections, both stated and implied.

Thankfully there’s knitting. And I knit when I could. I knit during Whinnie’s nap, as both a reprieve from my house-work weary body…and an exercise for my mind, which wanted time to mull these ideas.