Yesterday I completed my mission. I had outlined which books I wanted to collect for our homeschooling year. My goal was to use only the money that I had in a paypal account — which was funded by selling of other curricular materials. In this way I can prepare for the year to come without impacting the regular monthly budget. 😀

So over the past three weeks, I’ve been perusing and posting on several yahoo groups as well as checking in with ebay. And now I’m done. 😀

It has taken time and patience. But I have achieved my goal of spending less than I had on hand and getting everything on the list.

The sidebar shows which books I have now and which one’s have been ordered. Two more came in yesterday: Rhythms of Learning and The Nature Corner.

Rhythms of Learning is a pretty large volume, comparatively speaking, so it will take me some time. But I feel strongly that I need to really understand the foundations of Waldorf education to use it well.

On rain: it rained all day yesterday. And the night before. And last night. And it’s raining now.

Rain is not uncommon here. We typically go no more than 4 days without at least an overnight shower. But this rain is different. Aside from being continuous, it has also been rather, um, intense. Rain forest intense.

Ah, well. Rain is good for reading and knitting. 😀