The idea of creating a nature table has been on my mind for some time now. Part of me wanted to create this little niche. Another part wondered what it’s use would be, what with Nature itself all around us. Nevertheless I persevered with the idea that we would have one once I found a table and the right spot to place it.

But then yesterday, as I was decluttering the kitchen built-in I decided to make a place for a Nature Tableau within the lowest shelf.

june18 004

It started quite simply: two pieces of cloth (green for the grass, blue for the horizon/sky) from my scrap fabric pile, and a few shells we collected from one of our trips to the Chesapeake Bay.

june18 005

Next I added the wildflowers that the boys picked for me the day before, a smooth rock Nic found on one of our many nature walks, and several wooden eggs from Whinnie’s kitchen.

june18 010

Finally I added pine cones from our yard in Indiana.

A few pushpins were used to tack up the blue fabric…because otherwise it looked like an ocean…not a sky.

june18 014

I like that this is right next to the table in the kitchen. This will give the attachlings a chance to share their finds and observations with Papa Chris during dinner. And it will give all of us a chance to see, interact with, care for this little nature shrine.

Now that we have the tableau started, I must start crafting. I have patterns for making a family of bunnies (or mice or other small, woodland mammal, I suppose) from knitted squares. And the book The Nature Corner is replete with instructions for making fairies and other woodland treasures.

Whinnie was the first to notice the arrangement. She came over to it, said, ‘oh’ in a reverent tone she reserves for only the most special ‘finds.’ She gently touched each item and chattered about it.

Papa Chris noticed it and that brought the boys into attention. We talked about this weekend’s summer solstice and about seasons and what we’d bring to the tableau.

It is a good start.

This homemaker gig isn’t about being rigid or about feeling insufficient to the task. It’s about bringing heart and awareness to all tasks, throughout the day. It’s about remembering that tension between chaos and rigid control.

As in all things, the middle path is where our hearts, spirits and minds soar.