june20 011

There once was a blue bunny,
she was soft as could be,
but she was a lonely bunny,
for it was only just she…

june20 016

Until one day she spied,
a baby soon to be.

june20 013


Yesterday morning I was inspired to start working on a knitted bunny for Whingari. The pattern is from the book Creative Play for Your Toddler and is mind-bogglingly simple. Really. If you can knit a square and use a yarn needle, you can make this.

Mama Bunny was done before bedtime and Whingari was in love, immediately and intensely. When I told her it was a mama bunny, she asked where the baby was…so I started knitting that this morning.

Theo’s already requested that I make a Jeremy Mouse (character from the Tiptoes Lightly books) and Nic said he’d like one too…though he can’t decide if it should be a mouse or a tiger. 😀

Everyone has embraced our nature tableau as well. Nic went to the ‘forest next door’ three times to bring back treasures…including one awesomely dried-out gourd. We all went out to pick a new supply of wild-flowering beauties.

june20 004

in love of nature,