Lots of photos today as well, but only to illustrate so many projects started or soon to be, or at least planned. πŸ˜€

First, this is what the craft room (aka formal dining room) looked like on Friday evening:

june28 021

june28 022

But we found a used dining table with 6 chairs on Craigslist and transformed the kitchen into this:

june28 030

Doesn’t it look lovely and completely, asthetically right there? I do think so. This beautiful built-in just needed balance. And I think we’ve found it. Plus, the small table we’ve been using since Theo was a baby is just too small for our family of 5. Even when we move an office chair in, there’s not enough room for the food and the plates and such. Now, we have room to spare (and 2 leaves that would expand this to a banquet size table.)

But the other table, the smaller table, is still here. And it has its perfect new home as well.

june28 032

It is now the absolutely-perfect center of my craft room. This is what it looked like on Saturday morning. Chris (with help from Theo and Whinnie) set up this grid for my fabrics and yarns. Squeee!

And here’s what it looks like this morning:

june28 036

What is in all those bins? (I did hear you ask that and peer closer for a peek…) Here’s a few more shots to answer that…

Solarveil…blue, white, black and yellow. These are destined to become curtains and clothes. πŸ˜€
june28 039

Japanese fabric I won in a giveaway this spring. This one will become curtains in Whinnie & Theo’s playroom.
june28 040

Part of the same giveaway. This robot pattern (with blue dots on the reverse) was selected as a curtain for Nic’s room.
june28 043

Yarn bin!
june28 041

Remnant I picked up at JoAnn’s yesterday. For a handmade present for Theo’s birthday, in just a few weeks.
june28 045

The other great find at JoAnn’s. We went there in search of fabric for recovering the seats of the new dining table chairs. This beautiful fabric, which I thought would be $6/yd turned out to be only $3! So I got extra yardage with which I can make a valance over the kitchen doors. Lovely, isn’t it? It’s called ‘elegant moss.’
june28 037

june28 038

Sweet and easy little pattern I grabbed. Only $1.50 for multi-size patterns for 2 different dresses. This will certainly help my amorphous idea of how I want to create dresses for Whinnie. πŸ˜‰june28 046

And, lastly, a big-bag-o-fluff. πŸ˜€
This is a huge plastic bag full of llama fleece. My neighbor had her two llamas sheared over the weekend, and this was the result. And I didn’t even take the whole amount!
june28 050

This fleece is (even uncleaned) so soft and dreamy.
What will it be? Well, at the very least, it will make great stuffing for projects ranging from knitted animals to waldorf dolls. But I also hope to use this as the inspiration to learn how to card and spin fiber. june28 049

So I leave you, dear readers, knowing that I have a very full plate and an overly-optimistic sense of what I can accomplish. πŸ˜€

Ah, well. I’ll do what I can, learn as I go, and remember that all of it is meant to be fun.