Before we left Indiana we re-homed our cat and dog. We knew that apartment living would not have suited the very high-energy part border collie, and the cat needed more attention. He was a lap-cat with no lap and too many children to navigate.

Yeah, I know.  A homeschooling family without a bevy of pets…what an anomaly. 🙂

But now there’s the cat.
It would be inaccurate to say that we *have* a cat, or even that we’ve adopted a cat. This cat has adopted us.

He showed up on our doorstep on the evening of the summer solstice. He’s beautiful, sleek, friendly and good with the children.

After a few days it became apparent to me that he meant to stick around…so I started wondering what to do for him.

First, I named him Solstice.
june29 001


Second, over the weekend we got a big bag of cat food. This one was especially helpful. If Solstice is hungry, he serenades us all night. Yes, all night.
june29 006

The attachlings keep asking if he can come inside. I keep telling them that he’s probably happier being a free cat for now. He gets food and plenty of love and attention from us…and still he gets to wander in these woods and be the natural cat that he was born to be. That seems to satisfy them for now.

As colder weather approaches in months to come, we see if he sticks around. If he does, at the very least we’ll find a way to give him shelter.

It’s an interesting thing to be chosen by an animal. And it seems right and good and not at all artificial.

june29 003

I have no doubt that there will be another dog in the family one of these days. But for now, I’m enchanted by this dear little feline spirit and wondering why he chose us.