We made it through the entire week. And it was challenging on a few of those days because of a napless-Whinnie or a tired, tired mama.

The boys and I talked about the computer yesterday…briefly…I am trying to talk less and make the words count. No theory. No pontificating. Just a simple explanation of the issue and solutions.

The rules are simple:
* one hour per day
* no ‘junk’
* no violence
* no clicking on ads
* anything new must be approved by a parent

It’s my intention to have them use their hour during Whinnie’s afternoon nap. Hopefully this will help them to be quieter, and keep Whinnie away from the computer entirely (which I will have to keep unplugged or she’ll turn it on anyway.)

The thing that I don’t think I expressed in yesterday’s post is that: peacefulness is pervasive in our home these days.

Honestly, I must say, I dreaded the days without the computer. I assumed there would be much whining and statements of ‘I’m bored.’ Instead what we experienced was lots more imagination play and lots more voluntary reading. Seriously, every time I turned around, the boys would be playing together using their big imaginations, or reading books from the library.

As far as Whinnie goes…she spent the week being near me or one of the boys. I tried to do many things worthy of her observation and imitation. So I endeavored to be off the laptop once they got out of bed and to be doing things. Cooking, cleaning, knitting, reading…all of these things are worthy of emulation. And she did.

We had such a peaceful week without the computer. Now to see if (now that mama has learned this valueable lesson) we can find a balance with the beast. Can we have peaceful times and have the computer on some? I think we can, and I do believe it’s worth a try.

blessed be,