july4 011

Double-Berry Scones
Made from the recipe available on the ‘recipe page’ here at the blog — and fresh, local blueberries and blackberries, from the farmers’ market.
These were/are insanely delicious! I made a double batch yesterday just so there would be some left for today. 😀

july4 006

A new dress for Whinnie. Isn’t she lovely. What a beautiful little girl my beautiful baby is morphing into. 🙂

july4 004

Whinnie’s favorite way to spend a warm, summer afternoon.
I fill a big bowl (formerly known as our popcorn bowl) with water and all of Whinnie’s play kitchen implements. There are pots, pans, a colander, bowls, saucers, fruit and vegetables…oh, and a small cloth.
Whinnie spends an hour or so using the cloth to clean the dishes and the veggies. She pours and pours and generally makes a good, wet mess. But it’s on the deck and no harm done.

This is how I get things done without plopping Whinnie in front of a computer screen. 😀

Off to start my sunny, beautiful, Monday morning.