july6 006

I have been wanting to try Magic Loop since I first viewed this video from the Knit Witch. But, alas, I did not have the right kind of circular needles. Then I got those needles (Knit Picks Options interchangeable circs) for my birthday. {bliss} But didn’t yet have a small-diameter circular needle project.

Yesterday, all the necessary elements came together. 🙂

That’s the Bracken yarn that my MIL gave me for my birthday as well. I love the colorway intensely!

Magic Loop is INSANELY easy! Seriously, you gotta try this.

I can and have used double-pointed needles (DPNs) for previous projects…and the results were good. But, for me, using one circular needle via Magic Loop is an easier process. And I’m far less likely to skewer one of the children as they bound around me and on and off my lap. Always a good thing.

july6 005

Another thing I like better with this method: fewer joins. My DPN knitting was weak at the joins, at least for the first dozen or so rows. With Magic Loop there are only 2 joins, so less inconsistent knitting.

I can’t show you anything more of what I’m making in the above photos, yet. I’m working presents and don’t want any recipients to see them here before they see them in real life. 😉

But I will post photos of all my various projects when I can.

And if anyone is keeping track…I’m on letter “W” on my alphabet block project. Seriously. I don’t talk about it much…but I’m plodding along and nearly done. 🙂

off to knit and read and cuddle and live…