The computer got its screen back on Monday afternoon.

The boys and I talked about it yesterday. Both Nic and Theo had been, um, unsettled (?) and lacking a creative spark during the morning. I asked if they thought it had anything to do with screen-time.

Nic observed that he did ‘just fine’ when he had no screen time…and that he felt grumpy and uncreative now that it was back. Interesting.

Yesterday afternoon, whilst Whinnie was feeling puny (slight fever, no appetite) I let the boys watch a Magic School Bus DVD about bugs (ants, bees and butterflies.) I do love MSB, btw. So much there to reference later…so many bad puns. 🙂

I’m not sure how to proceed from this point. I know that when we removed the tv from our living room (back in Indiana) the room was calmer. I’m toying with the idea of moving the PC and its desk into Chris’ office. He needs access to a PC if he’s ever to work from home and this would get it out of the living room.

My laptop is wireless, so it doesn’t matter where we move the router.

Hmmmm, thoughts.
I won’t do anything today. Whinnie is still feeling puny.

And what would I put in that space in the living room?
A piano, perhaps? 😉