I’m just a Sanguine. 🙂

I changed the theme here at the blog again. I have to do that from time to time, just like I have to rearrange furniture if it’s been a while.

Formerly I believed that this was due to some character flaw. But my reading has led me to a different theory. I’m a sanguine personality and we do like change.

And even though the change was prompted by that *need* it was also motivated by my recent observation that my links were missing. Apparently I need to stay with a 3-column theme if I want all my link lists to show.

So, there they are again.

I won’t change the theme again for a while, I suspect. I stick with themes (can I say I adore WordPress?) with the custom header option. That way I can change the header photo as often as I like without creating formatting challenges.

Yep, sanguine all the way.