The boys have been building almost non-stop.

Then they head outside, into the forest, to play in the big dirt mound and weave imaginative tales of themselves as heroes.

Then they head back inside to build some more.

When they need rest they plop on the couches and read Calvin & Hobbes or various DK books they’ve gotten from the library. Theo’s deeply intrigued by the one about Epidemics.

Whinnie plays, creates, imagines, helps me with cooking or cleaning, draws, or, in the last day or so, sits cuddled under a quilt watching the Aristocats. She’s been puny and feverish and we do what we must to survive it. 🙂

My days are full of cooking and cleaning and planning and reading lots of books to/with them and oh-ing and ah-ing at their creations. And in the few moments I can steal here and there, knitting and reading.

Depending on my mood and how much attention I can give it, I’m reading one of three books any chance I get:
* Rhythms of Learning by R. Steiner/R. Trostli
* Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk (et al)
* The Backyard Homestead edited by C. Madigan

When I have 5-10 minutes (like when waiting for something on the stove) I pick up The Backyard Homestead. It is full of lots of good information about how to grow more of our food even in a small yard. There’s also lots of information about preserving the foods, which is what I’m most interested in at this point. The farmers’ market participants are starting to really have the harvests in and I need to be buying more than we need and preparing some of it for winter use.

Circle Round is my choice if I have about 30 minutes or so to read. I love the stories and the general ‘earth-based spirituality’ approach. It has become a favorite book of mine in just a short amount of time.

When I have a chunk of time when the attachlings are otherwise-occupied (like during Whinnie’s nap) I sit at the table with Rhythms of Learning and my notebook. I take copious notes, simply because this helps me to remember what I’m reading contextually. This is one of those books I wished I had come across in college…because it would have helped me so much in my own process of ‘becoming’ an adult. At the very least, I do wish I had discovered it before becoming a mama. Ah, well. We can’t go back and change these things, so I endeavor to learn what I can now and put into practice those things that are right and true and relevant for our lives.

No doubt a few years from now I’ll encounter another book or resource that I had wished I’d read sooner…but right now, my *plate* is quite full.

I finished a fun knitting project yesterday…and it’s all so adorable. But it’s a gift and I cannot share photos here until it is received. But, trust me, adorable! And I’ll post photos when I can.

Off to more reading and knitting and checking on wee Whinnie’s fever.