I don’t mind. 🙂

I’ve been a mama for a decade. Of that time, I’ve been a mama to a little girl for about 2 1/2 years. But it is only in the last few months that said little girl has had enough hair to need to deal with.

When the boys got to this phase…when the hair was in their face or tickling their ears, we just started with haircuts. The boys prefer their hair very short…as it is cooler and less annoying that way. I bought an inexpensive clipper more than a year ago and have been giving them cuts since then.

But Whinnie? Hmmmmm.
Call it sexist or whatever you like, but I didn’t want to buzz her curls off. Despite being saddled with a very un-girlie-mama, Whinnie is a very girlie-girl. She loves twirly skirts and looking pretty and shoes and shopping.

So last night, for the very first time in my mama-career I endeavored to fix up a girl’s hair. I do remember from my own childhood what a hassle (an ineffective) barrettes can be. So I decided to try to fix her hair up in pigtails.

First I had to get something, anything, to try to do this. At the store I found those little rubber-band thingies that are cloth-covered so as not to pull the hair out.

After Whinnie’s bath I showed her the card of the ‘thingies’ and had her choose what color(s) she wanted. She chose one red and one yellow. Then I used a brush (though I’m certain it would have been much easier with a comb) to separate and direct the hair.

Thankfully Whinnie was both intrigued and patient with my fumbling fingers. She really doesn’t have a bulk of hair to deal with, but rather very fine hair, just like mama.

After several moments of fumbling I finally had both bands in…relatively symmetrical…without having extracted any of Whinnie’s hair.

The result? She LOVED it. Whinnie looked in the mirror and smiled so big. She turned this way and that to see both of them. She smiled at herself. She looked like every woman who has ever tried on new clothes or a new hairstyle and then stood back and studied the reflection.

july12 006

We took the bands out at bedtime, but only after I promised to put them back in this morning…which I will once she’s up.

july12 004