My Monday was so very full of so much goodness I can’t possibly get it into one post. So I shan’t try. 🙂

Instead I’ll just split it into two posts and show you the rest tomorrow.

First, I must show you what I saw when I got up this morning:

july13 052

Sorry for the poor photo quality. This was with diffused morning light and on high magnification. There’s a small herd of deer that come through the yard and neighborhood nearly daily. There are usually 8 or 9 of them. I saw 7 across the street this morning…though they are hidden in that tall grass in this shot. You can just make out the deer stretching up to eat leaves from the tree in this one.

july13 054

A few minutes later I saw this young buck and doe crossing the street together. They were so lovely, graceful and peaceful.

We live in an extraordinarily beautiful place. {{{{bliss}}}}}

Ok, on to my Monday stuff. I spent a good chunk of my ‘free time’ working on this present for Theo’s birthday. He’ll be six in just a few days!!

It started with this faux tie-dye fleece remnant…cut into fish shapes.

july13 009

july13 013

I used other fleece scraps for the back side of some of them, for variety. And then I got out the jar of buttons. Not only were these useful for giving the fish eyes…they also kept Whinnie entertained whilst I stitched.

july13 016

july13 021

I made 12 of these little fishies with button eyes…because I had a package of 12 steel washers. There they are, all piled up after each getting a button eye.

july13 025

Here’s the first one I completed. The stitching is really simple…basic mattress stitch with embroidery floss. This is a great project for hand sewing…no machine needed. There at the mouth is the steel washer. Why? Because it’s a magnetic fishing set. 🙂

july13 041

And the hungry little fishie took the bait immediately…a disc magnet that will be incorporated into the fishing line/pole.

july13 043

Other than playing with the buttons, here’s what Whinnie did whilst I created the fish.

july13 048

I didn’t think she could get any cuter…but then there were pigtails.

july13 049

Thankfully the boys played in the forest for a large portion of the day. When they stopped to notice I was up to something, I just shooed them away. They are very accustomed to me working on various projects, so it doesn’t seem odd to them.

I sat with the family yesterday evening and stitched up more fish. These evenings together are wonderful. Typically Chris is reading to them and I am working on whatever knitting or sewing project. I hate to give up these quiet evenings…but eventually everyone must prepare for bed.

Today I hope to finish the fishies. I still want to make a birthday crown for Theo, and the 20th is getting closer and closer.

creatively yours,

PS — tomorrow I’ll show you what’s in this box that came whilst I was fishie-creating…

july13 026