As promised, today I will show you what came in The Box.

july13 026

july13 028

july13 029

All of that! This was an ebay-buy. A box full of yarn. πŸ™‚
There are 37 balls/skeins/hanks in there…plus as a bonus, the seller put in other odd bits, like paper raffia and 4 sets of knitting needles. Even though I don’t know what to do with raffia, and I didn’t NEED more knitting needles…what fun!

I paid less than $1.50 per ball/skein/hank.

Yes, some of them are acrylic yarns…but I’m not a snob, I’m a knitter and I’ll knit with whatever I have available.

See that deep purply-blue over to the bottom right of the photo? That’s 4 hanks of dreamy 100% wool — nearly 900 yds of it.

july13 035

And that soft fawny-brown in the upper left? That’s 100% alpaca — 9 skeins!

july13 030

So now my yarn bin is FULL.

july13 046

Yet so is my to-do list…so I shan’t be digging in and working with any of that yarn just yet.

I’m almost finished with the fishies. I have 2 left to stuff, sew up the tummy and then add washers. Then I need to create the magnet-holder for the end of the fishing poles.

Then I have a birthday crown to make. I now have several pieces of felt for this and hope to have it done today or tomorrow. Theo’s never had a birthday crown before…and I hope he loves it.

As soon as I finish with his presents, nope, no time for rest. Nic’s birthday is right behind…August 1st. Need to get cracking on his birthday crown as well. Oh, and I ordered The Dangerous Book for Boys for him. He’s been drooling over a library copy so I thought it was best to get him his own.

Off to birthday-festivity crafting time…