july15 001

The boys came across this turtle earlier this week. She was under the deck, apparently enjoying the cool shade there.

july15 005

We brought the turtle inside and took some photos. The attachlings, of course, all wanted to inspect the shell and see the ‘hinges’ beneath that allow them to close up into it.

A little online searching and we were certain that this was an Eastern Box Turtle….her markings matched the photos almost perfectly. And the thing about a box turtle is that they really can box themselves up entirely.

Additionally, they tend to wander around eating bugs in the morning and then find a cooler, shady spot and do nothing until the evening…sorta like a long mid-day siesta. Since she wasn’t going to do anything anyway, I decided it would be perfectly ok to put her in a grass-strewn box and keep her until Papa Chris came home.

I put the box in the pantry and checked on her from time to time.

july15 012

The box seemed to suit her well…she even poked her head out and looked around. The leftover grapes didn’t seem to interest her…as they weren’t buglies. Later when I went to check on her she had all limbs out, but I didn’t get the camera that time…I got the attachlings. They were so sweet and approached the box ever-so-quietly so as not to spook her.

After dinner they showed the box turtle to Papa Chris who appropriately ooh’d and aah’d over their find.

Then the boys put her back, in the cool, shady space under the deck where they had found her.

Later I will ask the boys to each draw a picture of the turtle, from memory. And I’m grateful to the turtle for giving them a chance for this wonder of adaptation enter their awareness and spirits in the first place.