July 20, 2003 my sweet, chubby, chunky-cheeked Theo was born.

june28 025

(Theo is the round-faced guy on the right.)

Nic (who will very soon turn 10) made me a mama.
But it was Theo’s arrival that provided so much healing to my broken heart.

It was just 13 months before Theo’s triumphant birth that we lost our second pregnancy at 21 weeks gestation.

Much grieving happened before Theo’s pregnancy, but any loss leaves long-lasting scars.

Theo came to us 100% healthy, 100% full-term, and my first vbac. On so many levels his birth was healing to me.

I celebrate Theo’s birthday as proof that life is worth living even when one has hit bottom and cannot easily find the will to continue on.

I don’t have favorites among my three children, of course…but each of them represent a different piece of my heart. Nic’s is awakening, Theo’s is healing, Whingari’s is completion.

Off to further enjoy our already very full birthday day…

june28 018

Theo at 13 months…

juneDC 065

Theo now…