july21 002

Whinnie loves the cat, Solstice. We start most days, right after breakfast, going out on the porch to ‘pet cat-cat.’

july21 017

Running around in the front yard…this almost always follows the morning ritual of visiting with the cat…Whinnie can’t keep up with her brothers, but she’s never one to not try.

july21 005

july21 008

Once ‘yard dashes’ are done…the boys go off into the woods to explore and play. Whinnie usually plays in the gravel of the driveway. Sometimes she gets trucks and moves the gravel around…sometimes she digs and makes piles…sometimes she fills her shoes…and sometimes she fills her clothes. This is her sandbox.

july21 013

And they do love the magnetic fishing set! Papa Chris and Nic worked on notching and sanding sticks from the woods and then I finished them off by attaching the magnets/strings. They all join in for this game.

july21 025

Until Whinnie, pretending to be a bear (I think she got that idea from a Little Critter book where a bear snatches Critter’s fish from his line…) snatches up all the fish and takes them to her play kitchen. See them all there behind the faucet?

july21 029

The deck. Whinnie loves the deck. No, she’s not having a tantrum. She’s looking between the wood slats to the ground below.

july21 031

Yesterday was a challenging day. The boys seemed at odds and cranky and surly with one another all afternoon. Whinnie didn’t nap. At all.

But today is a new day and I am focusing on the positives of the three of them together and this life that we do love so much.