Finally the small gifts I knitted for my friend’s 3 wee ones have been received…meaning I can share photos of them here. 🙂

july10 008

Three small critters to fit three small hands.
These were so simple to create and used the same, basic, pattern as Whinnie’s blue bunnies.

In the Waldorf tradition I chose to not make them too identifiable as any animal…prefering to let the children’s imaginations fill in the rest.

And who could resist these round little rumps?

july10 009

I made a small basket/carrying bag for each critter as well (via Magic Loop.) Adding an initial to each basket personalized them…and hopefully prevents squabbles over what is ‘mine’ since they are so similar. 😉

july10 004

Here’s how they looked when I last saw them…before packing them into a box and shipping them to Indiana.

july10 015

This was a simple, wonderful, soulful project. I believe in the power of embueing one’s stitches with prayers and thoughts and encouragements. Though I am new-ish to knitting, I’ve been a cross-stitcher for almost 25 years and have always worked to put much of myself into my creations…by thinking about its intended recipient and all that I would wish for them.

So now these creations of mine are being loved by the children for whom I weaved them.