We’ve made the leap…the final transition in my quest to have screen-free children.

It’s now been several weeks since we moved the computer desk and PC into Papa Chris’ office.

Occasionally I will say it’s family movie night and we’ll watch something together. Last Friday, since it appeared Papa Chris was going to get home late, I made popcorn and we watched a few cartoons from No Telly. Oh, I don’t think I’ve posted about No Telly yet…

No Telly was created by a family who’s son enjoyed watching a few clips on youtube, but they were not comfortable with him being able to click around…so No Telly was born.


You can let your children watch a small collection, like Shaun the Sheep or Garfield or the Pink Panther, without leaving the No Telly site.

Friday we watched an episode of The Jetsons. They thought it was hysterical. And it is. 🙂

Back on topic…
Whereas before the boys would whine about when they could and couldn’t be on the computer…now they just do other things.

And I guess that is my lesson. Moving the computer and telling them why took the punitive nature out of controlling computer time. This is just what ‘is’ and there’s no negotiation.

So the boys spend HOURS everyday exploring, digging and playing in the forest next door. Whinnie spends most of her time playing on the deck, playing in her room, playing next to me while I read or create, or helping me. She’s getting very, very good at helping to unstack the dishwasher and earlier this week she pounded and rolled-out dough for her own tiny, homemade pizza.

Life is full and a computer or tv screen is a very poor imitation of life. We are all better off without it’s influence.

Me? I have been working to be on my laptop less and less. I am deep into reading and preparing for our homeschool year. But as much as I can, I model that there is so much more to life than a computer screen. 🙂