It’s a rainy, rainy, cloudy day here in West Virginia. It is nice to have a break from the heat, but this much rain means staying inside more. Being inside more makes me quite grateful for the new art/school supplies that Grandpa John sent last week.

Along with a present for the boys (a new swing for the playset) and some clothes for Whinnie, each of the boys got a set of new supplies: crayons, coloring pencils, scissors, glue stick, calculator, ruler, notebooks, folders.

Grandpa John has always supported whatever crazy thing we do. He’s never (as far as I know) questioned our attachment parenting choices, nor our choice to homeschool. He doesn’t even send along ‘workbooks’ for the boys…just great art supplies.

What child isn’t captured by brand new crayons or pencils? That was my FAVORITE part about getting ready for school each summer…not the clothes shopping (actually hated that part)…nope, for me it was all about a brand new box of crayons that my little brother hadn’t yet assaulted.

As I type, all the attachlings are sitting with me at the kitchen table and creating. Nic’s already used our brand new electric pencil sharpener (so glad I got that!) to sharpen one of his new pencils. He’s also drawing pictures of apple trees and looking through a book he got at the library about making paper airplanes. Theo is, um, well, making something. He’s happy if he has scissors and a glue stick. Whinnie is imitating the boys by getting scraps of paper, ‘writing’ on them and then folding them up and giving them to me as my secret messages.

All these things are a blessing to me: new supplies, cooler temperatures, children who are gleefully engaged in the act of creation. I awoke this morning with the same headache I’ve had for days…thank the rainy weather and hormones. Oy. I couldn’t live in a constantly rainy area, which is why I’ve never considered relocating to the upper Northwest nor England. 😉

I have much housework to do…as the heat of the past two days has lulled me into not doing much. Hopefully by afternoon I’ll be able to sit and read or plan or knit.

peacefully yours,