I’ve been doing a lot of reading, soul-searching and investigating in the last 4 months…as is obvious to any regular ‘attachlings’ reader. The year since leaving Indiana was really, really rough for me, and hence rough for the children in some ways. The loneliness especially led me to more introspection.

Since moving our beautiful home I’ve begun the process of healing from that isolated year and have really started to feel like I’m moving into something better, or at least more peaceful than I’ve ever been before. (Not to say that I *am* peaceful — oh, how I wish! I am still easily over-stimulated and way to argumentative…I am working on all these issues though.)

This process has also helped me to bring my spiritual beliefs into greater focus. This, especially, has been quite wonderful.

Yes, we are going on a great adventure into Waldorf Homeschooling this year. The books are almost all collected and I’ve been working hard at immersing myself in all of it so that what I bring to the children comes through me…not just out of a book.

But beyond that, we are starting an adventure of soul and spirit. My own faith is decidely ‘earth-based.’ My tabernacle is nature…my diety is the Earth herself. The spirit of the earth in, around and through all of us is what resonates within me.

As such, I’ve decided to name our new homeschool adventure in our new home, new state and new way of life Mother Earth Waldorf Academy.

More on this in weeks to come.