Those who read my blog last week about Theo’s ‘special gift’ will remember the story of baby Christian. Christian’s family, out of that great pain, started a movement…but I’ll let Venita tell you about that in her own words:

Peek A Boo was Christian’s favorite game. When we spent our 36 hours in ICU staying by him, of course there were a lot of tears. The tissues they provided were worse than sandpaper. My nose was so sore and so red in less than 12 hours, by the end of the 36 it was near raw.  It took a full week to heal, it was so bad. While there, I had the idea that out of every trauma or crisis, seems to come an idea. A way to help heal, I suppose.

My idea was to form Peek A Boo ICU Tissues.  It started as a non-profit but I was too overwhelmed doing the mom thing still so it dissolved into just our yearly project. Every year, family and friends, both close by and online, get together and we gather tissues to donate to ICU’s. We have a sticker we came up with and we put it on every box. We take as many boxes of Puffs tissues to the hospital PICU unit where he died and if it’s too far, then I encourage tissues to be taken to your local unit. The idea of PICUTissues was to have boxes of Puffs tissues in every ICU in every hospital, every day.

And as I sat there with my child, I came up with the slogan to match “your heart hurts, but your nose doesn’t have to”.. because that is so true!  My heart did hurt and it was crying as loud as my tears, but some nice soft lotion cottony tissues would have been so nice. I took to blowing and wiping my nose on the washcloths, which aren’t that much better.. anything to avoid the sandpaper.


So there you have it. One day, PICU Tissues will be reformed and the vision, on a very small scale, is set about in motion. As the scriptures say, by small things are great things accomplished.

And they are.

If anyone would like a pdf copy of the stickers Venita mentioned, please let me know. I’ll be happy to send a copy to you.