This attachlings blog started two years ago today. Nic had just had his 8th birthday and I was adjusting to life with three children…one of whom had just become an active crawler.

I couldn’t have imagined the two years that followed: community days in our home, the big move to DC, buying this house in WV, settling in, and now having children aged 10, 6 and 2 1/2.

This blog has been so much to me. It has been, more than anything else, my place to work things out…to get things out. Yes, it has been some navel-gazing, but hopefully not self-importantly so. 😉

And it will continue.

I do have my knitting blog: Mindful Knitting which serves as a place to keep links to various cool projects I’ll not have time to get to. 😉

And then there’s my new homeschooling blog: Mother Earth Waldorf Academy which will be the repository for all things consuming my knitting time. 😀

But I will still blog here on a daily (week-daily) basis. It helps me to keep everything in perspective.

And it gives me a place to post photos like the one to follow.

happy blogging everyone,

aug3 002