I’ve blogged here before about what a google-geek I am. And I am.

I love google for all my web searching.

I use google documents for all my word processing/spreadsheet needs (they have some family budgeting templates that do all the work — you just plug in your numbers!)

I read recently that Google is all set to create an operating system…an open source operating system…that could/might/will compete with microsoft. Cool.

In the meantime, while waiting for THAT to happen, I’m geeking out on Google Chrome. This is Google’s version of microsoft’s Internet Explorer or mac’s Safari.

It’s a free download and it’s really easy to use. It’s much like IE, except that the listing of sites you’ve recently visited is visual. I really like that. And your surfing history is very, very complete. That really helps me with….’um, I saw it earlier this week, but can’t remember what link I clicked to get there…’ it’s in Chrome’s history in great detail. 😀

Do I work for Google? Do I get any compensation or favors for promoting their wares? Nope. I wish! If there’s a program by which I can make money publicly geeking-out about Google…I want to know about it. But, oh, wait…all of these things Google offers free…so they don’t need to pay me…they just need to keep making cool apps and programs for me (and you) to use.

posted happily from my Google Chrome window,