So, I asked Theo if he would like to do something to say ‘thank you’ for his special birthday gift. Out came the crayons and giant drawing paper. He worked hard on the words…even though I did not ask or require that he do any writing at all. When he showed it to me I remarked on how nicely he had drawn the letters and suggested that he fill in some of the open spaces with drawings. Here you can see a log that has fallen over and a purple house and some flowers, grass and sky.

Now, getting photos can be the challenging part. Here he is trying to be ‘normal.’ As with all photo taking, I promise them that if they will give me one ‘normal’ shot, I will take additional photos of them being goofy. It’s a balance that works for us.


aug4 001

Starting to get that mischievous itch:

aug4 003

Totally lost it:

aug4 004

I love this little guy. He is so quirky and unique and loving and, well, just darn adorable. And he made a wonderful Thank You Card. I’m sure its recipient has enjoyed it. 😀