When I was a child I had my own little camera. I’m sure my parents dreaded all the money spent on the silly things (or nothing at all) that I took photos of…sorry. 😉

Digital cameras are such an advancement in this area. We (children and adults alike) can take scads of photos and concern ourselves not at all with quality. We can simply delete the extras.

This makes giving a camera to a child (or a small pack of them) joyful.

Here are a bunch of photos they took of themselves and their ‘stuff’ yesterday. Enjoy!

aug11 022

aug11 002

aug11 025

aug11 007

aug11 028

aug11 052

aug11 033

aug11 046

Yeah, we have lots of personality to spare around here.

And I did save you from seeing the 20 or so photos that Theo took of the toaster and bread making machine…the boy seriously likes toast. 😀