Yes…I said it: Preparing for winter.

It’s not that winter is close…at least not here. It’s that I’m a newer knitter so preparing has to start earlier. 😉

I am working on several projects for christmas and new baby gift-giving. But in addition to those, I have given myself the task of knitting a hat and scarf for each of the attachlings. I suspect that each of them (especially the boys) will spend much time outside this winter. There will be winter woods to explore and snow to play in.

Yes, of course, I could easily go to the store and buy each of them these necessities. But I want each of them to have mama-made woolens as they head off on their adventures.

Whinnie watched me make this first hat, frequently asking if it was to be for her. She even provided her head for frequent size checks. (I didn’t know who it was going to be for until I saw how it sized-out.)

This hat I started on Sunday, whilst Papa Chris drove us to Luray Caverns…and last night I finished it off:

aug12 009

aug12 001

This hat was knit from luscious alpaca/wool blend yarn. It’s is really soft and dreamy…even though it looks like twigs and brambles.

Whinnie loves it.

aug12 011

I have another skein of the same yarn that should be just enough to make a wee matching scarf. Oh, did I mention that this hat (which IS big enough for Nic’s head stretched) only took one small skein…like 102 yards?

Today I’ll cast on for a hat for Nic. I found a pattern I want to try in one of my knitting books. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Lest you think that I knit all the time, it’s not the case. I also have to cook, clean, read, homeschool-plan, do laundry, work on new baby gifts….ack! No wonder I knit…it’s something I can do that is both completely functional AND enjoyable.