Most of us are well here in attachlings-land. Most. Papa Chris is now sick. blech. And he’s probably sick only because he helped the rest of us get well.

While the attachlings are watching a movie (yes, we have family movie night still) and Papa Chris is, um, being sick (you don’t want the details…) I’ll take a few minutes to post.

This post is mostly about gratitude…even if you don’t read that word, it is behind, beneath, around and intertwined in my every thought, breath and heartbeat. I am grateful.

What am I grateful for?

aug16 021

This bookcase.
I am equal-parts suprised/disappointed/blessed by what other people will throw away. This was a throw-away to someone else…and perfection to me. I’ve been wanting to put a bookcase in my ‘creativity room’ for months…but I don’t want to buy a new resource to do so…so I kept keeping my eyes open to something someone else no longer needed. Voila, here it is.

Now I have a place for my ‘mini-alter’ up on top; homeschooling books on the top shelf; creativity books on the middle shelf; homeopathy resource manuals on the bottom. And they are all off my table so that I can use that sewing maching perched up in the corner there.

aug16 003

And Handmade Home! Now there’s a good reason to get that sewing machine down!

aug16 004

And the first thing I want to make from it: Cozy Wall Pockets.
This will be perfect for above the bed where Nic & Theo cuddle up together and read before bed.

aug16 019

Knitting…of course. This is a seed stitch scarf I’m making for Nic. It’s such a wonderful shade of brown/orange/cinnamon. I’ve taken to calling it burnt caramel…because it has a creamy look to it. It’s my first seed stitch project, which brings me to the conclusion that seed stitch is both easy and taxing. It’s easy in that it’s just K1, P1 over and over and then on the next line P1, K1 over and over. But all that switching the yarn back and forth from front to back…takes a bit of concentration. And it builds muscle. I am not kidding. I can feel it in my forearms as I go.

I’ll make a hat from the same yarn as well…but I’ll forgo the seed stitch. I’m thinking a basic watchcap will suffice.

Theo picked out two different shades of blue for his hat/scarf project…he loves blue so very much. I’ll get started on those soon. And a scarf for wee Whinnie.

I am thankful for knitting because I can always be doing something, even when that something is deeply enjoyable.

I’m thankful for health. I’m thankful for being married to such a wonderful man…my best friend…a great example of what a man should be, for these dear attachlings.

I’m grateful for these children because of whom I’ve had the desire to grow and stretch and be something more than ordinary.

I am grateful.

blessed be,