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Grandpa Bear and the little bear sat on the porch side by side, watching for the evening star.

It was chilly, so Grandpa Bear wore his scarf. The little bear stroked it gently.

“I love your scarf,” he said. “It’s so long and cozy.”

“It’s like a part of me,” said Grandpa Bear. “It grows long as my life grows long. I began to weave it when I was small like you.”

Thus starts this wonderful, rich and beautifully illustrated book. I got this book for us about 5 years ago and have kept in put up and out of little hands for that long. I bring it down from time to time, but don’t leave it out. Although we teach the attachlings to care for books well, the most loved ones, of course, show the normal signs of wear, use and devotion. This book, though, always seemed like its message was so important as to need extra protection.

Our homeschooling year will be very rich in stories and books. And as I was organizing my homeschool supplies and my craft room last night, I remembered this book and brought it out.

I’ve decided that the first official day of our school will start with this beautiful book…as I feel that we will be adding much to our own life-scarves this year and in more intentional ways than we have before.

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“It’s important to check the colors of these yarns,” he continued. “Perhaps an aunt gave you a bit of dull old yarn…like having grumpy mornings. Do you really want that in your scarf? You can’t take it out of the days gone by; it’s already woven in. But for the rest of your weaving, you want your own color. Choose your new color, tie it to the end of the old one, and keep going. No one says you have to live with someone else’s handed-down color in your scarf. Make it your own.”

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“Back home, Grandpa Bear began to weave at his big loom, and the little bear curled up in his scarf to watch.

“Look, Grandpa Bear, there’s a sparkly bit of yarn here!”

“I weave each day, and some days are so w o n d e r f u l I use special yarn — fluffy or glittery. That’s how I can remember the good days. One touch and I am laughing!”

The little bear touched the sparkly bit, and he laughed too.”

Well, that gives a small taste of this wonderful book. It really is worth finding…maybe your library has a copy.

I’m glad I thought to buy this all those years ago.


PS — ISBN# 1-885223-41-2
Publishedby Beyond Words Publishing, Inc.