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Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day

(click on the title for the amazon link. Click on the book cover to look inside and you can select the Table of Contents option to see the entire thing…)

This is another of the new books I’ve collected in preparation for creating our waldorf homeschool.

From the chapter: Celebrating Morning

Dawn is an old, neglected friend. She arrives with full arms, bearing gifts without fail. There is a quality that fills our home in her first sheddings of light. A state of dreamy vulnerability as each of us finds our way into the world again. A tender time when our defenses have not yet reconstructed themselves. Our anger shows more easily, our delight, our affection. Sometimes we name the day in faith. Sometimes we doubt yesterday’s brilliant plan. We may clear the way for the prospects of these moments. Creation is at hand.

Creation is at hand! What a wonderful thought to greet each day!

I am new to appreciating morning’s gifts. I have a certain penchant for night-owl-ish-ness naturally. But have discovered that if I stay away from caffeine and stay in a good rhythm, I love morning more than just about anything.

Open wide the door to morning,
Take courage as you go;
Stand for the small and helpless,
Work for the good to grow.

Off to read more of this good book I’ve only just begun…

blessed be,