SouleMama’s Handmade Home works, eloquently, to celebrate thrifting and the repurposing of materials.

I love going to antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores. I always find something…even if it isn’t what I think I’ll want. Of course I do not take the attachlings into antique stores…I don’t need the stress and they don’t enjoy it. Yard and rummage sales are hit and miss. But a thrift store?…that’s what we can all enjoy.

I have several things on The List for various projects — at least two of which come from Handmade Home. So, while Papa Chris rested on Monday, off to goodwill we went.

This goodwill, tiny though it is, has a wonderful area near a big window where there are bookcases full of children’s books. Each time we go there the attachlings are each allowed to choose a book (with my approval) that they’d like to have.

Monday we really did well; Theo found a Franny K Stein title he didn’t have yet (The Invisible Fran) and I found a Harold and the Purple Crayon book for Whinnie.

I’m looking for glass containers for various kitchen uses as well as more baskets and blankets. And wool blankets. I suspect these will become harder and harder to find now that us ‘handmade homemakers’ are on the loose with plans and a few quarters to spare. 😉

And then there is this:

aug18 001

I found this dress…but Whinnie found the hat. Whinnie loves hats (and shoes and purses and all accessories, it appears) and she loves pink. And she loves this little pink, crocheted hat. The shoes were a hand-me-down from a friend as well. So a total thrifted outfit…less than $4.

aug18 014

Here she is the next morning…wearing nothing but that hat and eating granola and chocolate milk.

Here’s what I’m working on now…in those stolen moments between cooking, cleaning, reading to the attachlings, planning homeschooling stuff:

aug18 015

It is a project that popped into my head the other night as I was trying to go to sleep. It uses a curtain valance that we’ve not used as such for years and leftover felt from the birthday crowns project.

What will it be? I’m not telling, yet. But this piece below is crucial. I spent quiet moments yesterday just hand stitching those four letters on with embroidery thread. I do love the peaceful, quiet act of hand stitching.

aug18 016

Off to laundry and cooking and knitting and planning…