We have been very, very hot here for the last few weeks. Until mid-August every few hot days would be followed by cooling rain. But for the last 2 weeks, there’s been no cooling rain and no reprieve from the scorching temperatures.

Until Friday.

Friday afternoon rains and storm clouds finally rolled through and did not go around us — as they have a tendency to do.

It rained hard. It rained very, very hard and the wind blew and many limbs came out of the trees. The road to our house was flooded in a few spots.

Papa Chris made it home without incident though, and we had dinner and family time before, out of the corner of my eye, I spied:

aug21 001

This was the biggest, clearest, brightest rainbow I’ve ever witnessed. The photo doesn’t do it justice, of course, but at least it did show up.

Everyone got their shoes on and we went out onto the dripping deck to view this wonder. None of the attachlings had ever had a chance to see such a clear, full rainbow. The rainbow’s twin was clearer than most primary rainbows I’ve ever seen…and I did get just a whisper of it in some of the photos.

aug21 008

Yes, it is just there in that photo above, but very, very hard to see.

aug21 006

I’m happy to say that my first instinct was not to get the camera, but to get the attachlings. 😀 But after they’d all seen it and ooh’d and aah’d and headed back inside (the rain was starting again) I did get the camera and try some shots.

That last one was my experimenting with how close in I could pull the shot to get individual colors without losing clarity.

This rainbow seemed to grow out of the beautiful mountain that is our eastward view and then go back into the mountain again.

It was beautiful. And it started off an awesome weekend of everyone being healthy and well and having fun, getting things done and spending a lot of time together.