aug25 001

The beginning of a winter hat for Theo. He chose this yarn himself, btw, and the boy loves blue. It’s not as high a wool content as I’d have chosen, but Theo is very sensitive to wool’s itchiness. Despite that, this yarn has been very nice to work with. It’s kinda ‘dreamy’ feeling. It’s like knitting a soft, blue sky.

aug25 004

He also chose a dark blue skein for his scarf. But after finally finishing Nic’s scarf…I’m needing a break from all that straight knitting. 😀 I love knitting in the round, especially on circular needles. And since these circulars work wonderfuly with the Magic Loop technique…I’m unlikely to ever again use double-pointed needles.

Last night, in recognition of Papa Chris’ birthday, we had an impromptu, mid-week, family movie night! For this we watched:


It was a sweet, magical little movie. And it was insanity trying to watch it all together. 😉 But after Whinnie and Theo had had enough of us sitting around and trundled off to play, Chris, Nic and I got to watch.

I liked it. I liked that it wasn’t ordinary.

And here’s the line I went to sleep thinking about; and awoke thinking about:

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”
~Mr. Magorium to Molly Mahoney