aug26 001

The supplies:
* OLD, worn-out pair of maternity pants
* sewing machine & supplies
* copy of The Creative Home for details
* time when the attachlings were playing well

aug26 002

Oh, and an iron. I set the iron and ironing board nearby so that I could press those folds before sewing…seriously a step worth the time!

A short while later…I had this:

aug26 003

These were so easy to throw together. Once I had the pants done, I had to add a few cute pockets from a remnant I found among my sewing accessories. Whinnie loves pockets.

And she loves these new pants she saw mama making for her:

aug26 004

Really loves them….

aug26 005

And really loves the pockets…

aug26 006

Oh my goodness….could she be any more beautiful! πŸ˜‰

Working with this project and the bean bags the other day helps me to remember something about sewing: I love to do it. I love the aspect of creation, of course, but I also like the process of piecing together and sewing.

It has also helped me to get clarity about something else: I do not like using patterns. You know, the ones that come folded up in tiny envelopes and printed on tissue paper? Those stress me out.

I like reverse engineering sewing (and knitting for that matter) and figuring out how to get what I want along the way. Yes, I make mistakes and yes I have to redo things. But I enjoy the process. I don’t find it enjoyable to try to discern the steps and the details and the small print of patterns. For a long time I thought this pointed to yet another character flaw of mine. Now I’m pretty comfortable with the idea that it’s just the way I am. I like to figure things out my way.

Today? I have a little jumper dress of Whinnie’s that is just about to be too small for her. I intend to eyeball it, take a few measurements and see if I can recreate it, in a larger size, from some fabric that I can repurpose.

All this creating has me ever-more-so-glad that our homeschooling schedule should give me time in the afternoons for my own creative expressions. πŸ˜€

blessed be,